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The Zolton.org Social Plugin (ZOSP) is a simple plugin for WordPress that integrates a blog with popular social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. I wrote this plugin to learn WordPress plugin development, and as a means to decouple these social networking features from my desired WordPress theme.


To download this plugin, visit the WordPress Plugin Page.

Developers may contribute to this project from the GitHub Project Page.


  • Includes the Facebook JavaScript SDK in your WordPress theme.
  • Generates Facebook Open Graph tags for posts and pages.
  • Includes the Facebook Like Button and Share Button on posts and pages.
  • Imports the featured image / post thumbnail (if available) from a post or page for use as the featured image on Facebook.
  • Generates a Facebook Comment section for posts and pages.
  • Includes the Twitter Tweet Button on posts and pages.
  • Includes the Google +1 Button on posts and pages.
  • Includes the Pinterest Pin It Button on posts and pages.
  • Optionally hides WordPress comments.
  • Configurable via WordPress settings page.

Screen Shots

Zolton.org Social Plugin 1.5
Zolton.org Social Plugin 1.5
Zolton.org Social Plugin 1.5 Settings
Zolton.org Social Plugin 1.5 Settings



  1. Unzip the archive to your /wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  2. Activate the plugin via the “Plugins” menu in WordPress.
  3. Edit the “Required Settings” via the “Settings / Social Plugin” menu in WordPress. At the very least, you need to specify a Facebook App ID and a Twitter username.
  4. Optionally edit the “Advanced Settings” via the “Settings / Social Plugin” menu in WordPress.
  5. That’s it!


Q. Facebook Comments display the error “Warning: http://somesite.com/somepage/ is unreachable”.
A. Try using Facebook’s URL Linter to see if the URL for the page in question generates any errors.

Q. The Pinterest Pin It button does not display despite the fact that it is configured to do so.
A. The Pinterest Pin It button requires that the post or page include a featured image. Check your post or page to ensure that a featured image is set.

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20 thoughts on “Social Plugin for WordPress”

  1. Hi,
    plugin works great! I’m a little confused about the Twitter account and App ID requirements, seeing as there is no settings page for the plugin. So, tweets would be sent as regular tweets, without a “via @” or RT. I also don’t see any way to remove/moderate/hide comments etc

    Am I missing something? I have searched for a link to a settings page, but I’m quite sure there isn’t one.

  2. @Storm,

    You are correct, there is no options/settings page for the plugin. You will need to edit the variables at the top of the plugin source code. I haven’t had the time to add an options/settings page. Maybe in a future version.

    The App ID is your Facebook App ID (assuming you created one, I highly recommend it), and the Twitter username will be where you want @ replies (at replies) sent to on Twitter.

    Including a Facebook app ID will allow you to use Facebook’s comment moderation tool.

  3. Hi, I’m having trouble getting any comments to show, I can see the Twitter icon only (http://tinyurl.com/6dttgqz). I’ve changed the app id in your source to my own and also added in a twitter account of mine. Any idea why the comments might not be showing? (I’ve had the same problem with other plugins I’ve tried, eg Facebook comments for WordPress but I don’t seem to be able to talk to anyone about it). Thanks!

    1. @mkultra

      I visited the link you provided in your comment. The plugin seems to be working well. I am able to see the Tweet, Like, and Send buttons along with the Facebook comment box. I am using Chrome 12. I also tested with IE 7 and IE 8 and everything seems to be functioning correctly. I don’t have IE 9 yet.

      Please let me know if you were using IE 9 when you experienced this problem and I will get my system upgraded to IE 9 so I can help you out.

      1. Hmm that’s really strange, I thought something may be getting blocked but I tried on another computer at home too and got the same thing (with the wordpress comments plugin, not this one). I’ve tested on Chrome 12 and also IE 9 here but no luck. Maybe a caching issue or something?

        1. Quite frankly, I’m not sure. However, I would say that if you are having a problem with other plugins, which surely implement the Facebook comments in a similar fashion, then the problem likely lies with the browser or some sort of caching service and not the plugin itself. Just to be sure, I commented on your “Hello World” post and it posted to my Facebook wall, no problem.

          I sure would like to help you get to the bottom of this though. Do you have any sort of caching plugin for WordPress, or maybe your ISP caches requests to make your Internet connection appear faster?

          1. I tried it in a few different places, it seems to be blocked for some reason here, but works fine elsewhere! Thanks for your help :), looks great.

  4. Loving the plug-in! But you should have an option to position the buttons (i.e. top of the post, bottom of the post, etc.’) and you should also have the option whether or not to actually use the Facebook comments.

    But otherwise, it’s great – well done!

  5. Thank you Mark!
    Really like this one. Are there any thoughts on doing some kind of “Recent comments” plugin or saving the Facebook comments into the wp comments table? (Is it possible?)

  6. Thx for the great plugins zolton, it works but after i added a little script like this in the comments.php:

    thats the script on the facebook developer page when i first try to get it work on my web, and i don’t know why it works that way 😕 i’m not a developer btw..

    what i want to ask is, i wonder how to change the CSS style on the facebook comments, i wanted to make the text comment to be white, or the BG to be different(not transparent like default one)

    thx.. :)

  7. @paten, It doesn’t look like the script you posted is coming through. I believe WordPress has stripped the code.

    WRT to changing the styling on Facebook Comments, your options are very limited. You can’t apply a style sheet directly to the comments. The best thing you can do is choose the “light” or “dark” color scheme provided by Facebook.

    To use the “dark” color scheme will require you to edit the plugin source code. To do this, use the WordPress Plugins / Editor menu option. Select “Zolton.org Social Plugin” from the select box on the right. This will give you a list of source file for the Zolton.org Social Plugin. Make sure the zozp.php file is highlighted, and scroll down to the section that says:

    < fb:comments href="{$url}" num_posts="3" width="{$width}" publish >< /fb:comments >

    Add colorscheme=”dark” as a parameter in the fb:comments tag. This should switch the Facebook Comments to the “dark” color scheme.

    Thanks for pointing this out. I may add this as an option on the settings page in a future version.

  8. Hi Mark,

    I am very new to the whole wordpress scene and I am running into a bit of trouble with the plugin. Your plugin is good. But I have a couple of questions regarding it.

    -How can I change the font color of comments from fb users?
    -Is there a way I can incorporate fb comment count to display on the posts in my home page? (all of my posts say 0 comments but there are some fb comments. I think my theme is checking for wordpress comment counts and not fb comment counts).

    Any help or advise you can offer would be greatly appreciated!!

    1. You know what, Mark? I actually figured out the second question. It seems the only thing I am having trouble now is changing the font color of the fb comments. Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated!!

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