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Like any self-respecting geek, I love video games. I am particularly fond of western style role-playing, action-adventure, and vintage/retro games, as well as the occasional MMO and first-person shooter.

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I am a member of Raptr, a social network for gamers. Check out my Raptr profile.

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My Gaming PC

My custom built gaming PC. It is rather modest by gaming PC standards. I am particularly fond of the custom orange LED lighting. Check out the full gallery for more photos and a list of hardware.

Board Gaming

In addition to video gaming, I also enjoy board gaming. My favorite board games include Dominion, Carcassone, Ticket to Ride, Zombies!!!, Arkham Horror, and Clue.

I am a member of Board Game Geek, a social network for board game enthusiasts. Check out my Board Game Geek profile.

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