Huntsman's Copse - Dark Souls II

Dark Souls II Screenshots

These screenshots were rendered in-game and captured at various high-megapixel resolutions using a combination of the following tools.

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Social Plugin for WordPress 1.5.2

The Social Plugin for WordPress v1.5.2 is now available for download via the WordPress Plugin Directory.

The Social Plugin is a simple plugin for WordPress that integrates a blog with popular social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter.

New and Updated Features

  • Modified for use with the Twenty Fourteen theme. If you are using Twenty Fourteen, set your Facebook comment width to 474.
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  • Modified alignment of social buttons.
  • Tested with WordPress 3.9.1.

Now Available on GitHub

Developers can now contribute to the Social Plugin from the GitHub project page.

For more information, visit the official project page or the WordPress plugin page.

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